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We understand how important it is to keep track of the latest releases and upcoming films. While there are plenty of movies hitting screens in 2024, on The Film Recipe, you can find information about the most anticipated movies of every quarter, curated specifically for our readers.

Note: The following list includes films from Q2 and is updated weekly.


Release Date: 3 May 2024

Genre: Horror

When a group of friends recklessly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings, they unknowingly unleash an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death.


Release Date: 17 May 2024

Genre: Animation/Comedy

Garfield has an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father, a scruffy street cat who draws him into a high-stakes heist.

The Strangers: Chapter 1

Release Date: 17 May 2024

Genre: Horror

After their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple are forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. Panic ensues as they are terrorized by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motive.

Back to Black

Release Date: 17 May 2024

Genre: Musical, Drama

The story leading up to the groundbreaking album 'Back to Black.' A movie for Amy Winehouse's fans, do we need to say more?

The Watchers

Release Date: 7 June 2024

Genre: Horror/Mystery

A young artist gets stranded in an extensive, immaculate forest in western Ireland, where, after finding shelter, she becomes trapped alongside three strangers, stalked by mysterious creatures each night.

The Crow

Release Date: 7 June 2024

Genre: Action/Fantasy

Soulmates Eric Draven and Shelly Webster are brutally murdered. Given the chance to save his true love by sacrificing himself, Eric sets out to seek revenge, traversing the worlds of the living and the dead to put the wrong things right.

Inside Out 2

Release Date: 14 June 2024

Genre: Animation/Adventure Comedy

Follow Riley, in her teenage years, encountering new emotions.

The Sabarmati Report

Release Date: 3 May 2024

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Showcases the events of the morning of February 27, 2002, aboard the Sabarmati Express near the Godhra railway station in Gujarat

Kalki 2898 AD

Release Date: 9 May 2024

Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi

Another movie with a pan-India star cast, from Amitabh Bachchan to Kamal Hassan, from Prabhas to Deepika Padukone. Who isn't waiting for this epic turned sci-fi, especially after a spine-chilling trailer of the movie? We surely do.


Release Date: 10 May 2024

Genre: Biography/Drama

In a world with odds stacked against him in every step of the way, Srikanth defies norms, blazing a trail from rural India to becoming the first visually impaired student at MIT. As he builds Bollant Industries, his success brings challenges for which he would not only chase personal dreams but safeguard a shared future for the ones just like him. This is the tale of an entrepreneur's triumph and sacrifice, both which he welcomed with open arms and a smile.

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