Love Lies Bleeding

Director: Rose Glass
Writer: Rose Glass, Weronika Tofilska
Main Cast: Kristen Stewart, Katy M. O’Brian
Genre: Crime Thriller
Country: US
Runtime: 1h 44m

Rose Glass, known for her acclaimed debut Saint Maud, returns with a captivating blend of crime drama and tender romance, LOVE LIES BLEEDING.

The film follows reclusive gym manager Lou, portrayed with emotional depth by Kristen Stewart, who finds herself drawn to the enigmatic bodybuilder Jackie, played with strength and vulnerability by Katy O’Brien. Their instant connection sparks a passionate love affair amidst the dangerous backdrop of Lou’s criminal family.

Stewart’s portrayal of Lou’s emotional journey, from a beaten-down soul to a woman alive with love, is a standout performance, complemented by O’Brien’s portrayal of Jackie’s hidden trauma and resilience. Together, they ignite the screen with a fiery chemistry that transcends mere physical attraction.

Set against the dusty American Southwest, Glass crafts a visually stunning yet foreboding atmosphere, where danger lurks beneath every frame. Ed Harris’s commanding presence adds to the tension as one of the charming yet menacing figures in the narrative.

At its core, LOVE LIES BLEEDING explores themes of strength, trauma, and toxic love, as Lou and Jackie navigate their tumultuous relationship amidst the backdrop of patriarchal power dynamics.

Glass brilliantly intertwines moments of dark humor and emotional resonance in her artsy and experimental execution, which unfortunately falters in the second half where plot points feel forced, and the conclusion lacks conviction. Despite these shortcomings, Kristen Stewart’s mesmerizing performance and the film’s exploration of passion and pain are reason enough to experience this saga of love and resilience.

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