Top 7 Horror Mysteries

The horror genre has several categories, like psychological, supernatural, folk, slasher, and many more. However, what stands out in this genre is when horror is served with mystery, shocking people to death, or evoking an unsettling feeling about impending danger. This anticipation of horror makes the genre even more interesting.

Today I will be recommending you guys seven movies that broadly fall into the horror genre but are a mix of psychological and supernatural horror. What will be common in all of these is the anticipation of horror, tying them with a single thread of horror mystery.


When a woman in her 20s rents a house in an isolated village, the last thing she expected was a man already renting the same place. What initially appears to be a crime-based horror soon turns out to be much more than that—something unexpected, something with its roots in the history of the house and the village.

Nothing I would like to reveal, as I said, the anticipation of horror is the real horror, and I want you to anticipate what lies beneath the surface until you discover it yourself.

The others

Dating back to a time when the whole village perished due to an epidemic, a mother moves with her two kids into a house that she believes is haunted. Why? Because of some inexplicable events happening in the house that are not only puzzling for the characters on screen but will also make you scratch your head.

The shining

Stanley Kubrick’s genius can be seen through this psychological cum supernatural horror. The detailing, the aesthetics, and the camera angles make the events even more haunting than usual. The story revolves around a man who takes on the caretaking responsibility of a huge isolated hotel. He moves in with his wife and children to a hotel for a few months. Slowly, the isolation starts to grow on him, descending him into madness and turning him violent against his own family.


There is only one word to explain this movie: ‘EERIE.’ The movie begins with a group of friends visiting a village in Sweden for an annual celebration of a local community. What initially appears to be a folk celebration of a Swedish commune gradually turns out to be a darker cult practice, but it happens so smoothly and at a pace that you would want to go deeper, knowing that you are drowning. With unconventional storytelling and direction, Ari Aster scares you even with its aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Get out

Contrary to its name, you won’t be able to get out of the film once you’re in it. ‘Get Out’ has a lingering effect that stays with you long after you finish watching.

The movie revolves around a black man in modern America who visits a remote town with his white girlfriend to meet her parents. This psychological horror version of the romantic comedy ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ will scare you in the most unpredictable way with its twists and thrills.


Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, ‘Carrie’ is undoubtedly one of the spookiest movies of all time, where even the predictable can surprise you in the most chilling way.

This psychological horror centers around ‘Carrie,’ a teenage girl who is constantly bullied and teased at school and abused by her fanatically pious mother. As strange occurrences happen around her, Carrie discovers that she possesses telekinetic powers. When she is invited to a prom by a friend, she attends with the intent to please everyone and get along with them. However, things go out of hand when she discovers a plot to bring her to the prom to poke fun at her.

Rosemary’s baby

Topping the list is Roman Polanski’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ also considered a cursed movie for its connection to Sharon Tate’s murder in 1969.

The movie stars Mia Farrow in the lead role as a pregnant woman due to give birth but begins to suspect the unnatural behavior of their neighbors and their satanic practices.

No matter how much I feel like talking about it, I would resist. ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ is an experience, a scary one of course, but still an experience that you ought not to miss. Therefore, saying anything will make you prepare for the thrills awaiting, and I feel going unprepared is the best preparation you can do for this film.

So, this is my list of the top 7 horror mysteries for you. Now that you know where to begin, excuses won’t go a long way. Grab your popcorn or whatever you prefer and immerse yourself in the sea of horror mysteries.

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